IQ Current Account
Our Offer

With IQ current account the more money you keep in your account, the higher return you get.

IQ current account offers you:

  • to dispose freely with your money - to withdraw and deposit when you want;
  • to operate the account as a standard current account, but you get higher return for your money;
  • the interest rate on your account is calculated daily and paid at the end of each 12-month period;
  • to receive additional interest bonus at the end of each 12-month period.

And more:

  • there is no requirement to keep minimum amount in the account;
  • you choose your currency - BGN or EUR;
  • with the account you also receive a debit card of your choice - you will be more flexible- you can have your money available 24 hours a day;
  • the opportunity to track remotely the movements on your account through registration in the system My Fibank;
  • the possibility to open the account, make transfers and close the account without visiting a branch of the Bank, if you are a client of Fibank with registration in My Fibank.

  Interest rate* 
0 - 99 999.99over 100 000.00

 Interest rate* 
0 - 49 999.99over 50 000.00

* Interest rate per annual base


Additional Information:

  • Fees and commissions - in accordance with the Tariff of Fibank;
  • Deposit Insurance Fund ensures the full repayment of the funds of one person in one bank, regardless of their number and amount up to 196,000 BGN, as this amount includes the interest rate accrued to the date of issuance of the act pursuant to Art. 20, paragraph 1 of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee. The deposit funds are guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Fund, established and functioning in Bulgaria according to the procedure up to the amount and under the conditions laid down in the on Bank Deposit Guarantee;
  • The Account holder shall not be obliged to send an advance notice in case he/she wishes to dispose of funds from the deposit before the maturity date agreed under the contract, including its early termination. However, upon withdrawal of funds from the deposit exceeding an amount specified in the Tariff, the Account holder shall notify the Bank in advance of his/her intention to effect this transaction within the terms specified in the Tariff, otherwise, the Account holder shall owe an additional fee;
  • Opening and maintenance of the deposit at any branch of the bank.

Account Opening and Documents

You may open IQ current account

  • at any branch or office of Fibank
  • online through the Virtual Branch for clients who have registration in the system.

You will have to present the following documents:

  • Court decision for the entry of the company in the Commercial Register;
  • Certificate of current status issued not earlier than 3 (three) months ago;
  • Certificate of BULSTAT registration;

Note: A document issued by the Registry Agency to companies which have been re-registered substitutes the following documents:

  • Court registration;
  • Certificate of current status.
  • A document empowering the person who has the right to operate with the bank account;

For example: Basic instrument (company contract or statutes), or a decision of the Board of Directors/ the Management Board/the Supervisory Board;

  • Power of attorney – if the legal entity is represented by a proxy, the power of attorney should be notarily certified and it should explicitly indicate that the proxy has the right to represent the company before the Bank;
  • "Bank Account Opening Application Form" – a form of the Bank;
  • Specimen of the signatures of the persons entitled to manage the funds on the account – to be filled in at the Bank office.