Special insurance packages and grace period during maternity


Up to 15 years for investment loans

Interest rate conditions

from 2.72%


Without restrictions

Our Offer

Smart Lady Business Program for Female Entrepreneurs

Smart Lady business program offers:

  • attractive annual interest rate from 2.72% and mitigated loan security requirements;
  • grace period during maternity (up to 15 months);
  • long repayment period - up to 15 years for investment loans and up to 5 years for working capital loans;
  • included "Easy Life with FiHealth" insurance and VIP health insurance package from FiHealth Insurance at the expense of the Bank, which provide prevention, protection and peace of mind for female entrepreneurs;
  • business package for daily banking that reduces your expenses on bank products used by you by up to 30%;
  • special child savings deposit;
  • business debit card - Mastercard Business Debit;
  • First Lady credit card with extra features when using it;
  • Mastercard debit card included for children.

Smart Lady business loan parameters:

Amount:Not limited
Currency:BGN, EUR
  • Up to 180 months - for investment loans
  • Up to 60 months - for working capital
Interest rate:Individually determined interest rate for Smart Lady business program from 2.72% depending on the credit rating of the applicant and the collateral offered. 
The interest rate is form on the basis on SBIR* + margin.

*SBIR of Fibank - Savings-based interest rate.

Eligible collateral:(individually or as a combination)
  • mortgage on property;
  • pledge on fixed assets;
  • pledge on movable properties;
  • etc.
Loans are provided with mitigated collateral requirements when eligible for guarantee schemes of NGF. 
Method of utilization:
  • as one-off payment or in tranches;
  •  in the form of overdraft.
  • equal monthly installments (annuities);
  • equal installments on principal;
  • individual repayment schedule;
  • overdraft.
During the period of maternity and child upbringing up to 2 years the lady - manager and / or owner of the company is allowed:
  • grace period on loan principal not exceeding 15 months;
  • during this period the commission for loan management is decreased by 50%.
Fees and commissions:Special fees and commissions for Smart Lady business program
Additional offers

Smart Lady business program also offers:

  • "Easy Life with FiHealth" insurance for the owner / manager of the company with insurance cover up to BGN 150 thousand.
  • VIP health insurance package including preventive care, out-hospital and hospital care.
The "Easy Life with FiHealth" Insurance and the VIP Health Package are offered by "FiHealth Insurance" specifically for Smart Lady business program customers. The insurance premiums for the lady manager or the owner of the company are at the expense of the Bank.
Business packages:Possibility to choose the business daily banking package suitable for you and thus to reduce the expenses for the bank products used by you up to 30%.
Children saving deposit:Saving deposit with the possibility to conclude Insurance for accident, to double the amount of the deposit upon the occurrence of an insurance event and triple the amount in case of an insurance event as a result of car accident. 
First Lady credit card:First Lady credit card (rose or red) for the manager/owner of the company - borrower with a pre-approved limit depending on the loan amount: 
  • for loan up to BGN 100,000 First Lady rose credit card with a limit up to BGN 3,000.
  • for loan from BGN 100,000 - BGN 250,000 First Lady rose credit card with a limit up to BGN 5,000.
  • Above BGN 250,000 - First Lady First Lady red credit card with a limit up to BGN 10,000.
The cards include free medical insurance for breast cancer treatment with a limit of up to BGN 5,000 for a rose card and up to BGN 10,000 for a red card. 
Business debit cardMastercard Business Debit
Debit card for children:Children debit card Mastercard for children and teenagers from 7 to 18 years of age.

The decision to benefit from the additional services is not a mandatory condition to use the loan.