Profit Account
Our Offer

Make Your Account Profitable!

How does this work?

Use your current account from Fibank, receive your salary or other monthly earnings, and this can bring you additional interest income on a new type of term deposit for 12 months.

What is our proposal?

  • standard current account in BGN or Euro or IQ current account without opening fee*
  • attractive interest rate bonus on a new type of 12-month term deposit, which is determined by the amount of monthly earnings on your current account. The higher the amount of monthly earnings on the current account, the higher the interest bonus you can get on the deposit.

And more additional benefits:

  • possibility to request a bank package with which you use multiple services and at the same time you save on a monthly fee;
  • possibility to issue Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit, which combined with bank package is with free of charge ATM cash withdrawal in Bulgaria or countries within EEA;
  • possibility to manage the deposit and the current account online through the My Fibank online banking system.

As a Profit Account holder, you will benefit from:

  • attractive fixed interest rate for the entire term of the deposit;
  • an additional interest deposit bonus depending on the monthly proceeds on your current Fibank account;
  • currency of the deposit - BGN or EUR;
  • deposit term - 12 months;
  • minimum deposit availability - 500 BGN / 250 EUR;
  • maximum deposit availability - 250 000 BGN / 125 000 EUR;
  • no fee for opening, maintenance and closing of the deposit account;
  • no commission for depositing funds and withdrawing funds at maturity date.

Interest rates on the term deposit:

Annual interest rateAnnual interest rate bonus in %
up to 500.00500.01 - 1500.00over 1500.00up to 500.00500.01 - 1500.00over 1500.00

Annual interest rateAnnual interest rate bonus in %
up to 250.00250.01 - 750.00over 750.00up to 250.00250.01 - 750.00over 750.00

More information:

  • As a Profit Account you can request a new or existing IQ current account or a standard current account in BGN or EUR;
  • The funds in the deposit account have an annual interest rate of 0.01%:

           - deposited after the term specified in the contract;
           - in the case of non - fulfilment of the conditions for ensuring/maintaining a minimum availability of funds and/or
           - over the maximum availability of funds of 250 000 BGN/125 000 EUR.

  • An additional interest rate bonus is not paid if the conditions specified in the contract are not fulfilled, as well as:

          - on funds deposited in the deposit account after the first 7 calendar days from the date of signature of the deposit agreement;
          - on the funds above the maximum stock of 250 000 BGN/125 000 EUR.

  • The annual interest rate bonus is charged and paid on the maturity date of the deposit;
  • An annual interest rate bonus is paid only for the months when the required monthly deposits are reached on the current account linked to the deposit;
  • The following operations are accepted for a current account deposit, which serves to calculate the interest rate bonus: cash deposit transactions with the Bank, incoming in-bank transfer ordered from a non-holder account, interbank credit transfer, receipt of payment amounts account via debit card.
  • Withdrawing funds from the deposit account before maturity leads to a breach of deposit conditions.
  • The depositor shall not owe a notice in case he/she wishes to dispose of funds from the deposit account before the agreed maturity date of the contract, including the early termination thereof. When withdrawing cash from the deposit account prior to the maturity date above a certain amount specified in the Fibank's Tariff, the depositor must give advance notice to the Bank to perform the operation within the time limits specified in the Tariff, otherwise the depositor pays an additional fee.
  • The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (BDGF) guarantees full payment of the amounts of one person in a single bank, irrespective of their number and amount, up to BGN 196 000, including accrued interest until the date of issuance of an act as per Art. 20, paragraph 1 of the LBDG (Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee). The deposit funds are guaranteed by the LBDG, established and operating in the Republic of Bulgaria, according to the procedure, up to the amount and under the conditions provided by the LBDG.
  • Fees and commissions - according to the Fibank's Tariff.

* The promotional offer is valid for current accounts opened between 18.10.2018 and 31.12.2018 inclusive.


Account Opening

Profit Account is intended for adult individuals, current and new Fibank customers at the time of filing the request for opening.

You can open a Profit Account:

  • in every branch of Fibank;
  • using the electronic banking system My Fibank (for clients with active access rights).