Automatic Repayment of Liabilities on Diners Club Credit Cards

Our Offer

You have a Diners Club Credit Card?

You will no longer need to worry about the deadline for your liabilities repayment every month!

With the service “Automatic Repayment of Liabilities on Diners Club Credit Cards” you have the opportunity to:

  • Submit a single payment order and thus automatically repay the entire amount due given in your card statement without visiting a branch of the Bank.
  • The amount due given in your monthly card statement will be automatically transferred a different account with Fibank which may be yours or another person’s (your friend’s or relative’s, with his/her consent).

The Benefits for you:

  • Quick procedure – it will be sufficient to fill in and submit a single payment order, after which every payment will be executed without it being necessary for you to visit the bank;
  • Facilitation – you will not need to worry about repaying your liabilities – the Bank will take care of this for you;
  • Flexibility – you can have the amounts transferred form the account on which you receive your salary – current or card – or from a different account of yours with Fibank. Your liabilities can be repaid by another person who has an account with Fibank. At the same time you can pay the liabilities of another cardholder.



In order to take advantage of the service you will need:

  1. A current account in BGN or a Maestro Debit Card with Fibank;
  2. To fill in and submit a form, signed by you at the nearest branch of First Investment Bank.


  • Registration for the service usage: BGN 1;
  • For each payment from a current account: BGN 0.20 (VAT included);
  • For each payment through a debit card: BGN 0.15 (VAT included).