Household Gasification Loan

Our Offer

Up to 20% grant from the cost of projects for replacement of household heating installations with such working on natural gas  

From "Demand Side Residential Energy Efficiency Through Gas Distribution Companies In Bulgaria" project (DESIREE GAS project)

Would you like to:

  • pay less for household expenses;
  • improve the energy efficiency of your home;
  • use an environmentally friendly source of energy.

Household Gasification Loan from Fibank offers you the opportunity to make energy-saving improvements to your home.

Applying under DESIREE GAS program you can obtain up to 20% grant of the total eligible costs of your project.

What can you use Household Gasification Loan from Fibank for?

  • Replacement of the existing heating installation with high efficiency gas boilers and other indoor gas heating installations and equipment

Why you should choose Household Gasification Loan from Fibank?

  • Attractive fixed interest rate;
  • No additional fees for loan utilization and servicing - you pay only BGN 50 for application fee;
  • No guarantor or other collateral is required;
  • Possibility to receive a 12-month grace period on the principal.

Loan Parameters:

CurrencyBGN and EUR
TermUp to 10 years
Interest rate6.3% fixed annual interest rate for the first 6 years of the loan period
7% fixed annual interest rate for the rest of the loan period
Purpose of loanGasification
CollateralNo collateral is required
Grace period on principal

 Up to 12 months – during this period of time you pay only the interest rate on the loan

Application fee

BGN 50 

One-off grant fee

No fee is required

Early repayment fee

No fee is required


6,80 %, calculated for loan amount of BGN 10,000, repayment period 120 months, with an annual fixed interest rate of 6.3% for the first 6 years and an annual fixed interest rate of 7% for the remaining term of the loan. The APR includes the application fee required and paid by the Borrower.

Who Can Apply for Household Gasification Loan?

You can apply for a Household Gasification Loan if you are:

  • owners of residential property;
  • your property is located in an area/municipality with an existing gas distribution network;
  • you would like to switch to using natural gas from another type of energy source.

Additional Information:

  • "Demand Side Residential Energy Efficiency Through Gas Distribution Companies In Bulgaria" project (DESIREE GAS project) is funded by the Kozloduy International Fund (KIF), managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Kozloduy International Fund is funded by the European Union and the following donors: Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • The application under this project started in July 2016 and shall continue until the funds are exhausted.

Application Procedure

Make the desired change in 3 easy steps:

  1. Submit an application to your local gas distribution company for connection to the gas distribution network and for receiving grant.
  2. Select an installer to carry out a technical inspection of the property and to provide you with a quote. Following agreement on the repair activities and costs:
  • You sign an Agreement for connection and Contract for installation;
  • DESIREE GAS consultant at the Ministry of Energy confirms the eligibility and completeness of the application;
  • The selected installer performs the construction works on the basis of a pre-approved work plan in accordance with the submitted quote;
  • Submit the necessary documents to the bank:

    • Application for loan;
    • Offer from the gas distribution company;

Eligibility confirmation by Desiree Gas consultant from the Ministry of Energy

  1. Pay for the project and receive the grant
    You pay the project costs excluding the amount of the grant and delegate the payment of the grant to the gas distribution company. The Ministry of Energy confirms the payment of the grant.