Quick Loan for the Purchase of Goods

in Technomarket retail outlets

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Quick Loan for the Purchase of Goods allows you to buy goods on equal monthly installments from selected retail outlets in the commercial network of Technomarket Bulgaria AD.

Quick Loan for the Purchase of Goods offers you:

  • the possibility to finance fully or partially goods purchased on installments;
  • approval for up to 15 minutes*;
  • applying by submitting an identity card card only**;
  • Accident insurance by FiHealth at the expense of the Bank.

* The time for verification and approval depends on the technical condition of the respective systems.
** A certificate for employees with classified income information at the NSSI may be additionally required.

Loan Parameters:

AmountFrom BGN 100 to BGN 5000
Loan currencyBGN
Repayment termfrom 3 to 36 months

Interest rate conditions15% fixed annual interest rate
APR (Annual percentage rate)

APR: 16.31%, calculated for a loan amount of BGN 2,000, repayment period of 24 months and an annual fixed interest rate of 15.00% for the whole term of the loan.

Monthly installment for the above specified parameters - BGN 97.39.

The total amount due is BGN 2 337.34.
Preliminary examination fee and application feeNo fee is required
Granting feeNo fee is required
Early repayment feeNo fee is required
Application Procedure

You can apply for Quick Loan for the Purchase of Goods, if:

  • you are a legally capable individual, Bulgarian citizen;
  • you work under an employment contract or equivalent contract for an indefinite period of time, under a management and control contract, or you are a freelancer.

If you want to apply for Quick Loan for the Purchase of Goods, you must provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of the identity card of the borrower; 
  2. An application for granting Quick Loan for the Purchase of Goods - to be filled in on the spot when applying;
  3. In some cases, other documents may be also requested at the discretion of the Bank.

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