• Visa Business Debit

    Contactless Payments

    No annual maintenance fee on the card

    You can use a corporate loan without having any funds blocked

    No fee for card issuance

Our Offer

Visa Business Debit cards from Fibank

With Visa Business Debit card from Fibank:

  • You pay for daily and monthly business expenses - after each payment, the funds are automatically deducted from your company account;
  • You control quickly and easily your business resources - with the quick online statement, you can get accurate information about every transaction made with your company card;
  • You save time and money from accounting activities and document processing - all transactions are clearly and detailed listed in your monthly statement;
  • Facilitate your reporting of VAT and other taxes by accurately and quickly entering all business costs;
  • Facilitate your employees in their day-to-day payouts with contractors, business trips, refueling and other activities related to their work responsibilities.

Why you should use Visa Business Debit card from Fibank?

  • Much more flexible than cash - you can use for domestic and international payments - at retail outlets and online purchases;
  • You can make contactless payments;
  • You can withdrawal cash at ATMs in the country and abroad;
  • You always get timely information on all business transactions made with the business card. My Fibank e-banking allows you to monitor the movements on all of your bank accounts in the bank and to conduct active transactions through your account;
  • Your employees do not carry cash on company travels and business trips, but they can make payments at all retail outlets in Bulgaria and around the world where Visa is accepted, they can withdraw cash or carry out transactions in a bank office;
  • Ability to issue a business debit card with a limit set by the company - it is especially suitable for employees who are involved in the supply of materials, refueling of company cars, or receive advances for rendering other services for the company;
  • In the event that your card is lost or stolen, and you report the loss of the card immediately, the retention of funds in the account is secured. Cards are canceled and replaced quickly and you can immediately access your account.

The conditions we offer:

  • No card issuance fee;
  • No annual maintenance fee on the card;
  • No fee for payment at the Bulgarian and foreign retail outlets.

And more:

Card Parameters:

Account currency
Account currencyBGN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP
Validity5 years
Card Account Interest
Cash withdrawal from ATM:
  • Fibank's ATMs: BGN 0.30
  • Other banks' ATMs in Bulgaria: BGN 1.00
  • ATM abroad: As per Fibank`s Tariff
Payment at POS terminal:

In Bulgaria: no fee

Abroad: no fee


First Investment Bank issues Visa Business Debit at any of its branches.

Against a completed application form presented by a person authorised to control the company account with us, we will issue cards to your employees with the limits and access rights set by the company management.


The term of validity of Fibank's card is 5 years. On the face of your card you can see an embossed numerical indication showing its term of validity, using the following format: VALID 05/20 THRU

The first two digits indicate the month, and third and fourth digit indicate the year. Thus in the above example the card is valid until the end of May 2020.

After its term of validity has expired, it can be automatically renewed and available by the 20th day of the month of expiry of the old card. You will receive the new card at the Fibank branch where your account is operated.

Reissuance due to theft, loss, forgetting the PIN, or any other reason

In case of theft or loss, immediately call Fibank in order to have your card blocked in good time.

The new card is issued against an application form signed by the persons representing the company. Fibank's officials are at your disposal 24 hours a day, ready to offer you cooperation in resolving any matter on which you might need any assistance.