Electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus

Our offer

Electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus is meant for clients of Fibank with bank accounts opened at Fibank’s branch in Cyprus. Once registered for e-fibank Cyprus, you can perform banking transactions and receive information about your bank accounts.

From any computer with an internet connection you can use the following operations in real time, 24/7:

Receive information (passive banking):

  • account balance;
  • exchange rates for clients of Fibank Cyprus Branch;
  • other information.

Order transfers (active banking):

  • Credit transfers: 
    • credit transfer to other Fibank branches;
    • credit transfer to other banks;
    • negotiating exchange rates.
  • Transfers between bank accounts at Fibank Cyprus Branch:
    • transfers between own accounts at the bank;
    • transfers to other customers with bank accounts at Fibank Cyprus Branch;
    • future-dated transfers;
    • negotiating exchange rates.

How to register for electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus branch?

In order to register for electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus , you have to:

  • have opened at least one bank account at Fibank Cyprus Branch;
  • have a valid e-mail address;
  • have bought a Token device;
  • have finished the initial registration.

This service is meant for:

Private individuals and legal entities, registered as clients of Fibank Cyprus Branch.

The conditions that we offer:

Registration for the serviceFree of charge
Fees and commissions for transfersAccording to Fibank’s Tariff Cyprus Branch
Limits on transfers

These are the maximal limits up to which you can operate with an account. The following limits are applicable only to individual clients. There are no limits applicable to corporate clients.

  • daily limit - 20 000 EUR or their equivalent in foreign currency;
  • weekly limit  - 25 000 EUR or their equivalent in foreign currency.

If you would like to operate at other limit levels, you may do so by submitting an Application for change at Fibank’s branch.

Customer access and identification meansfor information (passive banking) and for transfers (active banking) - Token device, Token device’s PINt and a single password generated by the Token device.

System Requirements:

Internet browser:  MS Internet Explorer 6.0 (or later), Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9.6, Chrome 4.1 or Safari 4.1 (or later).


To get access to electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus Branch you need:

  • to have opened at least one bank account at Fibank Cyprus Branch;
  • to fill out the Request for registration form and other required documents;
  • to decide on the bank accounts that you want to use within electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus Branch, as well as the type of banking – active or passive;
  • to buy a Token device;
  • to log in the electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus Branch.

Important notice: When logging in for the first time, you need to use the PIN of your Token device, sent to your email address during your registration for the service. You can change the PIN at any time.

Security Measures

Dear Clients,

In order to ensure your safe and secure use of the Virtual Branch and Virtual Banking Cyprus Branch, please follow the security recommendations defined bellow:


Changes in the General Terms and Conditions of Fibank Cyprus Branch

Dear customers,

We would like to notify you that changes in the General Terms and Conditions for opening and maintenance of bank accounts and provision of payment services and in the General Terms and Conditions for electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus have been made in force as of 25.03.2019.

The General Terms and Conditions have been amended and supplemented in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and in accordance with the electronic banking My Fibank Cyprus.

You can find the actualized General Terms and Conditions here and here.