Package "Digital Me"

designed for individuals aged 18 to 23 years of age

Our Offer

Your first banking products

Fibank offers a youth program to facilitate banking for individuals from 18 to 30 years of age:

  • Basic package "Digital Me" - designed for individuals aged 18 to 23 years of age.

Parameters of banking packages:

Products/Services included in the package: 
Basic package
"Digital Me"
IQ current account or a standard current account (account package)
without an opening fee and no monthly fee for the processing of t he account 
 1 pc.
Debit card of your choice with no monthly maintenance fee
Debit MasterCard / Visa Debit
 1 pc.
Digital debit card without a due issuance fee 
 1 pc.
Withdrawal from an ATM in Bulgaria 
 Free of charge
Registration at My Fibank and  for mobile application My Fibank in any bank office 
 Free of charge
Unlimited number of inter-banking transfers ordered through the Fibank mobile application Free of charge
Unlimited transfers between accounts of the same customer ordered through the Fibank mobile application 
 Free of charge
Payment of all utility bills Free of charge
Registration for email notifications 
 Free of charge
Free email updates unlimited
Free interbank transfers in BGN through Bisera ordered through My Fibank or a Fibank mobile application -
Free Token device -
Credit - overdrafts on a debit card -
Price per package One-off BGN 2 payment
Validity term of the packageUntil the age of 24.
After this you can take advantage of the package "Digital Me +" at a preferential price, which
currently is BGN 2.20 per month

Important information:

  • The free transfers do not include multiple payment orders and direct debit;
  • You can submit a request that the already existing IQ current account be registered as a package account;
  • The products and services Included are valid only for the duration of the package and if not used, the right of use will not be transferred to the next month.


Package Opening


You can request the program "Digital Me", by visiting the nearest branch of our bank.

You will be required to:

  • Submit a Fibank request form;
  • Sign a contract for joining the program.