Cash In

Cash in at Fibank ATM on card issued by Fibank

You can deposit funds in cash on your debit or credit card at Fibank ATMs

We offer you another opportunity to manage your funds freely and quickly.

With the new Cash In service, you can deposit cash at selected Fibank ATMs, without depending on office working hour

With Cash In service:

  • You can deposit funds on Visa or Mastercard credit card issued by Fibank;
  • You can repay obligations on credit cards issued by Fibank;
  • You can deposit funds on current accounts with issued debit cards to the accounts;
  • You can deposit daily turnover of retail outlets on a company account with a debit card issued to the account.

What does Cash In offers you?

  • Speed and convenience - you can use the service without registration and when you wish. You only need to have an active card issued by Fibank;
  • You deposit funds through an ATM free of charge;
  • The funds you have deposited will be immediately reported to the balance on your credit card. The funds deposited on debit cards shall be reported within a few minutes;
  • SMS notification confirming the transaction if you are a registered user of the SMS & e-mail notification for authorization with bank cards service;
  • Possibility to cancel the transaction after the banknotes are accepted by the ATM, the ATM will return you the same banknotes.

On which ATMs you can deposit funds in cash?

Deposits can be made at selected Fibank ATMs marked with the following sticker:

What are the main steps for using the Cash In service?


Put your Fibank card in the ATM.
    Select the language for service.
    The banknotes that are accepted by the ATM and their maximum number are displayed on the screen. 
    Place your banknotes in length in the deposit opening without bending them and without the need for special arrangement. The maximum number of banknotes per one deposit is 50. 
    The ATM will accept the banknotes for inspection and returns them if there are unfit banknotes.
    The number of banknotes accepted, the total amount deposited so far and the number of banknotes that may be added up to the maximum number of banknotes accepted per one transaction shall be shown on the screen. 
The ATM will expect to confirm the deposit by clicking the "Deposit" button. 
On this step, you can request to add more banknotes or to cancel the deposit, where the device will return all banknotes deposited.
    To confirm your deposit, please enter your PIN.
    A confirmation of the transaction is received on the ATM screen. A receipt is printed for each registered deposit. 

What banknotes does the ATM accept?

You can deposit at the same time Bulgarian levs with a different denomination of BGN 10, BGN 20, BGN 50 or BGN 100. Banknotes are placed in length, without special arrangement. The maximum number of banknotes per one deposit is 50.

Important: The ATM does not accept unfit banknotes. They are returned through the deposit opening and are not counted as deposited. The device checks the banknotes for authenticity by keeping banknotes that give rise to suspicion of untruthful or forged. In this case, you can contact the officials a the office servicing the ATM, where they will inform you about the banknote handling procedure that gives rise to a suspicion of untruthful or forged banknotes