National Currency Fund Transfers

General Information

We provide you with various opportunities to make payments in national currency:

  • Interbank transfers – between accounts held with First Investment Bank executed in real time;
  • Via the BISERA (Bank Integrated System for Electronic Payments) system – for transfer amounts of up to BGN 100 000 between customer accounts held with different banks. Your payment order for credit transfer will be executed and the amount will be received within the same working day or on the next working day, depending on the time you have deposited the payment order at the bank;
  • Via the Real-Time Interbank Gross Settlement (RINGS) system – for transfer amounts above BGN 100 000 or for smaller amounts, upon explicit request by the customer. Payment orders deposited until 14.30h are processed and executed immediately and the amounts are credited to the specified accounts within two hours. Payment orders deposited after the time specified are executed on the next working day.

You can order fund transfers at any branch of the Bank irrespective of the branch where your account has been opened and is operated.

National currency fund transfers can be made between Bulgarian and foreign citizens or companies. For payments between residents and non-residents amounting to above BGN 100 000 the customer should fill in a form for the needs of the Balance of Payments statistics. For further information, please refer to the provisions of the Currency Law.