Remote signing of documents

Convenient and fast


Signing documents without the need to visit bank office

Suitable for

Individuals preferring online banking


You register from your own smart phone only for several minutes

For the convenience of its customers, Fibank offers various options for online consumer loan application:
And now you can sign documents remotely via:
  • registered hardware or software Token (Fibank Token)


  • Qualified electronic signature (QES) from Evrotrust.

Regardless of how you apply for consumer loans - online or at a bank office, and in case that your application is approved and you have an account with the Bank, you will receive a call from our employee who will inform you of the opportunity to sign remotely the documents for the provided credit.

If you have active My Fibank banking registration and a registered hardware or software Fibank Token, you can sign a consumer loan agreement through the My Fibank electronic banking by signing the documents with Fibank Token.

If you have an account with the Bank without active My Fibank banking registration and Fibank Token, you can sign a consumer loan and active banking registration agreement in My Fibank with Fibank Token by signing the documents through the Evrotrust mobile application on Evrotrust Technologies AD. Evrotrust Technologies AD is a licensed provider of certification services.

Signing with QES by Еvrotrust

Signing is done through a Qualified Electronic Signature using the Evrotrust mobile application. You need to have a smartphone with a working front camera, internet access, and to identify yourself by providing an ID card. Signing through the Evrotrust application can be done on any smartphone or front camera Android tablet (version 5.0 or higher) or iOS (version 10.0 or higher).

More information on the provided service can be found at Evrotrust

How can you sign a document with QES by Еvrotrust?

You need to download the Evrotrust application and follow the registration instructions below.

  1. Download the Evrotrust application from:


  1. If you do not have an Evrotrust account, you should carry out a short registration and identification process.
  • Take a photo of your ID card - front and back.
  • Follow the instructions for the video identification.
  1. If you already have a registration in the Evrotrust application, you will receive a notification for documents pending for signature. These have been prepared and sent by a Fibank employee.
  2. Please review the documents before signing.
  3. After signing, the documents will be available for you to view in the History menu in the application as per the terms of Evrotrust for the use thereof.

If you wish, you can visit an office of the Bank and obtain a certified copy of the loan transaction documents.