Utility Payments

Take advantage of the service Utility payments by Fibank and pay remotely your bills for household expenses.

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Save you precious time!

Take advantage of the service Utility payments by Fibank and pay remotely your bills for household expenses.

As Fibank customers you may choose between two options for payment of your utility bills:

  • through My Fibank system;
  • with Maestro debit card.

What are the benefits offered by Utility payments service?

  • time saved – you do not need to attend each month several service providers;
  • easy control on your expenses;
  • convenience – you may pay your obligations related to your home and/or office and the obligations of your relatives.

Through My Fibank system

Through My Fibank system you can pay your bills for electricity, heating, water, telephone or other expenses directly from your debit or credit card, or from current account. This method of payment allows you to manage flexibly your monthly expenses and take advantage of various functionalities offered by this service:

  • receive information about outstanding obligations;
  • add subscription accounts to be paid periodically;
  • pay obligations on already registered subscription accounts;
  • make a single payment, if needed;
  • receive an email notification;
  • track your payment history.


  • if you are already registered with My Fibank you may right away pay the bills you want;
  • if you are not registered with My Fibank system – you should first make your registration, and then you may benefit of the full range of services offered by the system.

With Maestro debit card

Your utility bills are paid on time with the option for automatic payment with your debit card Maestro issued by Fibank. For this purpose, it is necessary to give your prior consent by making a single registration for the service at a Fibank branch which is convenient to you.

For your convenience and safety you may:

  • determine the maximum amount above which no payments shall be made;
  • at your request you may receive notifications by SMS and/or email: 
    • a new bill for payment received – the notification is received 3 days prior to payment;
    • payment made - with details on the bill, amount paid and date of payment;
    • a bill received exceeding the limit specified by you;
    • failed payment – with information on the bill, the amount of the obligation and the exact reason for which the payment had failed, such as insufficient funds, exceeded limit, etc.;
    • unpaid bill - you will receive a notification on the last working day of the month or on the last day of the period for payment. Then the bill can be paid only at the cashier desks of the service provider (BTC, M-Tel, Elektrorazpredelenie, etc.).


  • visit a Fibank branch;
  • fill in an application form for subscription for the service;
  • specify the accounts and telephone numbers, the obligations which you would like to pay with your Maestro debit card.

You can make change in details or cancellation of registration in a branch of Fibank.

To stop using the service, you need to inform the Bank and cancel your registration.


  • Registration for the service:  BGN 5;
  • Amendment of registration: BGN 2;
  • For each payment: depending on the card type;
  • As per SMS: BGN 0.10 (VAT included)*;
  • For email notification: BGN 0.05 (VAT included)*.

* You can choose the amount of the advance payment for the service usage: BGN 5, 10, 15 or 20. The amount of the advance payment is collected automatically from your card account upon the service subscription. When the amount falls down to 10% you will receive a free warning message from the system operator. You can request an automatic renewal of the advance payment and will not have to visit the Bank branches – it will be renewed from your card issued by First Investment Bank.

It will be useful for you to know that:

It is possible that you do not receive a message if you are travelling to a country outside the European Union or the USA and you have chosen to use roaming services provided by some of the GSM operators given in the attached list.