Contactless payment accessories

Pay fast - with just bringing your bracelet close to the payment device

The silicone microcard bracelet is a practical solution for contactless payment if you do not carry cash, bank card or phone with you.

Advantages of the payment accessories:

  • Use at every POS terminal and ATM withdrawals with contactless payment function;
  • Safe and comfortable to wear;
  • You always pay the right amount without waiting for change;
  • No entry of PIN for purchases up to 50 BGN;
  • You do not pay a monthly or annual maintenance fee.

Useful information for using a microcard accessory:

  • Issued as an additional card to a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card;
  • Uses the credit limit of the main card to which it is issued;
  • The PIN is individual for the accessory and cannot be changed;
  • The plastic is valid for 5 years;
  • You are able to set individual payment limits.

How to apply for a silicone microcard bracelet?

You may submit an application for issue of a credit card in any of the following ways:


If you already are a holder of a debit or credit card, you can request a microcard with a payment accessory at your nearest Fibank office.

The issuance fee is in accordance with the Bank's tariff.