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your modern contactless payment solution

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Living dynamically, constantly on the move, doing sports and loving to walk in the park – in this case Garmin Pay is your modern contactless payment solution.

What is Garmin Pay?

Garmin Pay is a new contactless payment option. Whether you want to pay for your water after your morning jogging or shopping with your whole family, you no longer need a bag or a wallet, because with Garmin Pay you pay quickly, easily and conveniently with only your Garmin smart watch placed near the payment device.

What do you need to pay with Garmin Pay?

  • own a Garmin smart watch with Garmin Pay function*;
  • Fibank Mastercard debit or credit card;
  • register your bank card in the Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) application.

* You can find more information about the technical specifications of Garmin watches at

How to install Garmin Pay?

1. Install the GCM App in your telephone.

2. Check that your country, bank card and your bank are included in the application.
You can also check this information in advance at

3. Add a bank card.
You can do this by manually entering the data.
If your card is digitizable, the application will ask you to agree to the current General conditions.

4. Follow the steps in the application by adding your card details and choosing the PIN you will use to pay with Garmin Pay.

5. Confirm your card registration with a single-time password sent to you by SMS and wait for it to be activated.

6. Once the digital card is activated, it will be visible in your digital wallet in the watch.
You can easily manage your digital wallet by changing your password, or dynamically manage all your cards registered in the wallet by choosing to enable or disable them.

7. You can quickly access the digital wallet of your smart watch by pressing the main side button or by touching the icon on the screen.

8. The first time you access the digital wallet, you will be prompted for the single-time password you entered during installation. You will be required to enter a password the first time you access the wallet and in cases where you do not use your watch for 24 hours or it has not been on your hand for a certain period of time.

How do you pay with Garmin Pay?

With Garmin Pay you pay effortlessly at all places accepting contactless payments.


Payment is fast - with 1 move, you "call" your card on the watch display and bring your watch closer to the payment device.

If you want to pay with Garmin Pay, you need to start the digital wallet in your watch by pressing the main button of the Garmin watch or by tapping on the icon on the screen. If you have already entered your password, you can pay immediately with the last card you used. If you would like to change your payment card, you can select a new one via the button or by sliding on the screen. After payment is complete or after 60 seconds, the NFC watch function will be deactivated and your screen will return to clock mode.