Joint Accounts

Our Offer

First Investment Bank provides you with the opportunity to open a current or a deposit account in the name of several persons (i.e a Joint Account)

Joint accounts are suitable for cases when several individual customers wish to have a common account to serve a certain purpose.

As a rule the joint account holders manage the funds on the current or deposit account only together. If they wish to manage the funds separately or to elect among them a representative, it requires the joint account holders to sign a declaration in personal at the Bank.   

Each joint account holder is jointly liable for all obligations deriving in connection with the joint account to their full amount.

Account Opening and Documents

You can open a joint account with FIBank by visiting one of the Bank’s branches:

  • It will be sufficient just to fill in an “Application for Opening a Bank Account of Individual Customer” and “Appendix to application for opening of a joint bank account of individuals”;
  • As joint account holders you should be present at the Bank when opening the joint account and should present your identity cards;
  • Sign in an Account Opening Contract;

Our bank officers will cooperate and consult you on any issue you might be interested in and will help you choose the most appropriate financial solution.