Standing Orders

Our Offer

This service provides you with the opportunity to make periodic payments by submitting a single payment order, specifying the ordering and the beneficiary account, the transfer amount and payment details, the date on which the transfers should be executed at a monthly or a different time interval.

The advantages for you:

  • You save time – each payment is executed without your presence being necessary at the Bank – you only need to fill in an initial payment order;
  • Facilitation – you do not need to watch over your regular payments – the Bank will take care of that and will make the payments for you;
  • Convenience – you could order your payments from the account on which you receive your salary - card or current account.

What purposes could you use the “Standing order” service for?

  • When the ordering and the beneficiary parties are Fibank’s customers, you can make a Standing Order in local or foreign currency;
  • When the beneficiary is another bank’s customer, the Standing Order can be in BGN;
  • For payment of regular fees (education, subscription etc.);
  • Social security payments on а monthly basis (fixed amount);
  • Payment of rents and allowances;
  • Payment of Loan and leasing installments;
  • Payment of insurance premiums;
  • Deferred tax payments, etc.

What do you need in order to take advantage of the service?

    1. To have a current account or a Maestro Debit card.
    2. To fill in an application form for a standing order and submit it at the nearest branch of the Bank.