SMS&Email Notifications for Bank Card Authorizations

you can monitor the activities on your card accounts and protect yourself from fraud and misuse

Our Offer

By using the service SMS&Email notifications for bank card authorizations you can monitor the activities on your card accounts and protect yourself from fraud and misuse.

If you possess a debit or a credit card issued by First Investment Bank or a Diners Club credit card issued by Diners Club Bulgaria, by using this service you can receive SMS or Email notifications immediately after each on-line authorization for the payments made with your card. Thus you can monitor your payments and you will immediately find out if a transaction which you have not authorized is made with your card.

If you are unable to make a payment, the SMS or Email notification will give you the exact reason for the transaction failure – insufficient funds, exceeded credit limit, a wrongly entered personal identification number (PIN), etc.

Advantages of the service:

  • Security – you can monitor the usage of your cards, and through this - your personal funds, your credit limit or overdraft which you are using for making payments on the Internet, for shopping or cash withdrawals both in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • Peace of Mind – if you find out that your card has been misused you will immediately give a warning to Fibank or to Diners Club Bulgaria. Thus you will avoid the risk of losing money if your card gets stolen, lost or counterfeited;
  • 24 hour service – regardless of your location – in Bulgaria or abroad, you will receive information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Control  
    • You receive detailed information about every successful authorization including transaction date, time and type – cash withdrawal or payment, ATM and POS on which the transaction has been made;
    • You get informed of the exact reason for every unsuccessful transaction.



In order to register for the service you will just need to fill in and submit a form signed by you at any of the branches of First Investment Bank in the whole country.

In order to change your registration data, for example if you would like to change the GSM number on which to receive SMS notifications, you will have to present a form for the change.


SMS notification:

  • Registration for the service:  BGN 2;
  • As per SMS: BGN 0.10 (VAT included).

You can choose the amount of the advance payment for the service usage: BGN 5, 10, 15 or 20. The amount of the advance payment is collected automatically from your card account upon the service subscription. When the amount falls down to 10% you will receive a free warning message from the system operator. You can request an automatic renewal of the advance payment and will not have to visit the Bank branches – it will be renewed from your card issued by First Investment Bank.

It will be useful for you to know that:

It is possible that you do not receive a message if you are travelling to a country outside the European Union or the USA and you have chosen to use roaming services provided by some of the GSM operators given in the attached list.


Email notification:

  • Registration for the service: free of charge;
  • As per Email: free of charge