"FiHealth Portfolio" Insurance

protection in the event of insurance events resulting from loss or theft

What is the Fihealth Portfolio insurance?
FiHealth Portfolio is insurance that provides protection against the occurrence of insurance events related to financial losses suffered by the Insured person as a result of loss or theft. It is offered specifically for Fibank clients, current account holders for which there is a bank account issued The insurance premium is at a preferential price of BGN 2.50 per month and is paid automatically from the bank account of the holder.

The FiHealth Portfolio insurance provides reimbursement of financial expenses in case of:

  • Abuse of a lost or stolen bank card:
    • In case of a stolen/lost bank card and its misuse by a third party, FiHealth will recover the amount of unauthorized transactions made with the card during the period of the insurance. The coverage is effective from the moment of the theft/loss of the card until the notification of its blocking is received by the Bank, but not later than 48 hours after the event.
    • FiHealth will refund all fees for reissuing/unblocking the bank card to the limits specified in the insurance certificate.
    • In the event of physical abuse of the Insured person during the theft of funds at the time of withdrawal or within 48 hours thereafter, FiHealth will recover the amounts of the ATM withdrawals.
  • Theft or loss of keys to an apartment/vehicle/safe:
    • FiHealth will reimburse the Insured person for the replacement of the key of the apartment/vehicle/safe.
  • Theft or loss of personal documents:
    • FiHealth will reimburse the cost of replacing the Personal Documents of the Insured person in the event of theft or loss thereof.
  • Theft or loss of mobile telephone or tablet:
    • FiHealth will reimburse the cost of purchasing a new mobile phone or tablet within the limits stated in the insurance certificate.
  • Theft of wallet or bag:
    • FiHealth will reimburse the cost of the purchase of a new wallet/bag.

Why should I sign up for FiHealth Portfolio insurance?

FiHealth Portfolio offers the following:

  • Financial support in the event of an event resulting from loss or theft;
  • Quick and easy process of issuing an insurance certificate;
  • Easy and convenient payment of the monthly insurance premium - it is paid automatically from your bank account every month;
  • Facilitated procedure for reviewing insurance claims.

How to sign up for FiHealth Portfolio insurance?
The insurance can be signed in any office of First Investment Bank and is offered for clients of the Bank who are holders of a current account. The procedure is extremely easy and does not require the submission of additional documents.

What should I do in case of occurrence of insurance event?
FiHealth Insurance offers a quick and easy procedure for reviewing your insurance claim. When an event occurs, you must contact a Fibank employee or directly with FiHealth Insurance on 02/445 6664; email: fihealth@fihealth.bg. You will be informed what documents are required to review your claim.

General conditions for the Fihealth Portfolio Insurance