Depository and custody services

Depository services are activities related to the administration and safekeeping of financial instruments such as opening and maintaining accounts for financial instruments, issuing of certification documents to the holders of financial instruments, transfer of financial instruments, administration and other corporate events, etc.

First Investment Bank is a member of the Central Depository AD which enables us to offer to our customers a full range of depository services on the Bulgarian capital market:

  • opening a client account for financial instruments to the register of Fibank with the Central Depository AD;
  • issuance of depository receipts;
  • transfer of financial instruments from client’s own account to client account on the register of Fibank with the Central Depository;
  • transfer of financial instruments from client account kept on the register of Fibank with the Central Depository to client account to another investment intermediary;
  • administering the process of obtaining dividends or coupon payments, distribution of shares of new issues, distribution of rights on shares, conversion of securities.

First Investment Bank also performs other depository services, including custody of financial instruments (exercise the rights on them) depending on arrangements with the client.

The long-term cooperation of First Investment Bank AD with leading foreign depository banks allows clients to benefit from a full range of depository and custody services for financial instruments listed on the international markets. First Investment Bank AD offers coverage on developed markets in Europe and the U.S., and the emerging markets - Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.

First Investment Bank offers custody services. This includes the holding of financial instruments on behalf of clients and administering transfers and corporate events:

  • safekeeping of available financial instruments, respectively, keeping a register of dematerialized financial instruments at a depository institution (domestic or foreign one);
  • obtaining current income on financial instruments (dividends, coupon payments, etc.) held on behalf of clients;
  • corporate events: merger, acquisition, separation, distribution of dividend in the form of allocation of additional (free) shares, split, increase of the company's capital through rights or distribution of additional shares, etc.;
  • transactions with financial instruments by order of clients;
  • depository bank for collective investment schemes.