Investment Banking

Raising funds through capital market is an alternative to bank loans. This can be done by issuance of debt (bonds) or equity (shares) tools. First Investment Bank in close collaboration with its clients offers a full range of investment banking services: preparation of prospectuses for public offering of securities, tender offers, disclosure of shareholdings, capital increase of joint stock company, including:

  • administering the process of public offering of securities: drafting prospectuses, submission for approval of the prospectus in the Financial Supervision Commission and registration of the issue with the Central Depository AD and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD;
  • preparation and carrying out of the tender offers for redemption and exchange of shares of a public company, incl. all administrative procedures;
  • preparation and carrying out a capital increase of joint stock company - administrative procedures, a survey of investor interest, preparation of information memorandum, collecting offers, ongoing management of the process of raising funds;
  • advice and analyses related to the capital markets.